Vision and Goals

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The Library's Mission Statement and Goals

The Central Library will serve as a production center that will make classical literature, periodicals and textbooks accessible to the blind, visually impaired and handicapped. It will be a center for the cultural and spiritual enrichment of its subscribers, with an emphasis on quality, a high standard of service and technological progress that will place it amongst the leading libraries of its kind in the world.

The Library’s Goals

The Library will work to increase the number of people who benefit from its services among the population of blind, visually impaired and handicapped people in Israel. It will work to expand the literature collection that is available to subscribers and will provide accessibility to a wide variety of printed material in a suitable format that is convenient for the reader to use.

In order to achieve these goals, emphasis will be placed on the following:

  1. Constantly striving to increase the number of subscribers.
  2. Continuously improving the standard of our service to subscribers.
  3. Implementing efficiency methods and advanced technological developments for the benefit of our subscribers.
  4. Continuous development of modern, accessible formats suited to the differing needs of our subscribers.
  5. Wide applied use of the internet medium for the benefit of our subscribers.
  6. Broadening the cultural package that is offered to subscribers in a way that is relevant for them.
  7. Strengthening the relationship between the Library and its subscribers.
  8. Endeavoring to make all textbooks required by students with reading difficulties accessible to them on time and in a suitable format.
  9. Constantly striving to make accessible to the reading impaired population all the reading material on the market that is available to sighted readers, because we are all readers!