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How to receive Library services

The Library serves visually and reading impaired people who have submitted the relevant documents (listed on the website). The Library cannot provide services until the correct and valid authorizations have been presented.  Click here for details of required documentation.

The Library services are provided free of charge, but subscriber contributions are extremely important to us!

We need your help in order to expand, to develop and continue our work - so that visually and reading impaired people can enjoy the many cultural experiences that the country has to offer. 

Would you like to contribute now? Click to go to our secure donation page, or for other options click here.

Only readers who have received confirmation from the Library that their registration has been authorized may borrow books and enjoy the various services. In the event of a change in a subscriber’s ability to see or to read, it is the responsibility of the subscriber to report the change to the Library. In order to resume or continue as a subscriber, the appropriate documents must be submitted.