Register, update details and complete accessible forms

The catalog Registration


Register, update details and complete accessible forms


Everyone, whether already a subscriber or a new subscriber, who wishes to surf the new Library catalog, must on first entry to the catalog complete the details on the registration page. On this page you will be able to register as a new subscriber to the Library or update your content preferences easily on an ongoing basis.

After your initial registration, the page will become an ‘update details’ page.
You can reach the accessible registration and update page from any other page by clicking Headline level 4.
Alternatively you can choose any other way that you prefer when surfing the internet. The Registration and Personal Details Update page is accessible to screen reading programs, and you can complete the registration and update process with ease and comfort.
Please note that the fields and details on the online registration form will also appear on the ‘update personal details’ form after you complete the registration process.


When you reach the Heading level 1 that indicates the beginning of the registration process, we recommend that you read the introduction. You can do this by clicking the Down Arrow. You can also use the shortcut keys to fast read the content. For example, in NVDA, the fast read key combination is Insert + Down Arrow. For guidance on shortcut keys for other screen reader programs, navigate the training section to find the page of shortcut keys for the popular screen reader programs.
When the registration page is loaded, the screen reader will read “Registration and Borrowing Page – skip to main content.” You can click ENTER on the keyboard to go directly to Heading level 1, titled “Registration”.

So Let’s Register

When you get to Heading level 1 indicating the registration area, you will be asked to read the short introduction. At the end of the introductory paragraph you will reach Heading level 2, titled “Personal Details”. Click the Down Arrow to take you to the text that asks whether you are already subscribed to the Library.
If you are an existing subscriber, and wish to register for the new catalog – please respond ‘yes’. If you are a new subscriber, please respond ‘no’. Immediately after this a field will open asking you to enter your ID number. To reach the field click TAB. Now enter your ID number (9 digits). If necessary, add zeros before the number to make it 9 digits.
After you enter you ID number, click TAB on the keyboard and then click the button “click to continue”. Within a few seconds the system will check your ID number. If the number is not registered in the Library database, forms to complete personal details will be opened. If you responded ‘yes’ regarding current subscription you will receive a form that already includes some of your personal details. Please check that all the details are correct and update it.
Before we begin the form completion, please note that the form is accessible to screen-reader users, so it can be completed by using shortcut keys dedicated to online form completion. At any point you can go back to the training section to check which shortcut keys are used for form completion in the different screen reader programs. The clip illustrates the process using shortcut keys of the NVDA screen reader program.
It is important to note that it is compulsory to complete certain fields in the form, while others are optional. The compulsory fields are marked with an asterisk, and the screen reader will read that they are compulsory fields. In this way you will know where you must update required details in order to register successfully. Please be sure to complete all the details, especially those indicated as compulsory, in order to avoid receiving error notes and having to repeat the process.  Please note that if you exit the form before sending it, the details you have completed will not be saved.
Now we’ll begin the process of completing the registration form –
  • Personal details
  • As mentioned above, after you update your ID number and choose ‘next / continue’, the registration form will open. From here you can navigate using the keyboard shortcut keys that you are accustomed to using, or using the keyboard shortcut keys dedicated to completing forms, and begin to fill in your personal details.
The following clauses describe the fields on the Library catalog registration page, for new and veteran subscribers.
  • Field to update first name.
  • Field to update family name.
  • Field to update email address.
  • Field to update telephone number. If you wish to add a telephone number, after entering the first telephone number click TAB on the keyboard and it will take you to a link titled ‘do you wish to update an additional telephone number?’ If you click on it, another field will open for you to update an additional telephone number. You can reach it by clicking TAB.
  • Optional field – gender. In order to indicate gender, click the Down Arrow and select the correct gender.
  • 3 optional fields for date of birth – to move between these fields click TAB. To move within a field use the keyboard arrows. First choose year of birth, followed by month of birth and then the day.
  • Optional field – country of birth. The default country of birth is Israel. If you were born in a different country, you can use the Up and Down Arrows to browse the countries and to choose the correct one. You can shorten the process by entering the first letter of your country of birth, and then browse with the Down Arrow until you reach the required country. When you reach it, click ENTER on the keyboard.
  • After you have selected your country of birth you can continue to navigate to the next question, which asks you whether you have a companion whom we can approach on your behalf and who will approach us on your behalf to receive Library services. You can select your answer. When you have completed the section, click ESCAPE on the keyboard to continue completing the form.
  • You will reach Heading level 2 titled “address details”. In order to begin updating address details you can click the Down Arrow in the shortcut keys for navigating form fields – for example, in NVDA the key for this is keyboard F, or you can use the TAB or any other method that you are accustomed to using in order to reach the next fields.
  • You reach several fields that must be updated with full details in order to receive mail:
  • In the recipient field, enter the full name of the recipient.
  • In the next field, choose the country.
  • In the next field, choose the city.
  • In the next field fill in the street name, building number and entrance, and apartment number.
  • In the next field you should fill in the postcode. If you do not know it, it is not important at this stage as it is not a compulsory field. You can fill it in later under ‘update personal details’.
  • Now click ESCAPE on the keyboard to exit the postcode field. Click Down Arrow to reach the next section of the registration form.
  • The screen reader will now read “reason for joining the Library” which is a Heading level 2. Click the Down Arrow to reach the following sentence: “For your information, for registration purposes, you should present the correct authorizations” and then the link will take you to the list of required authorizations that you must attach with your Library catalog registration.
  • Now you will be asked to indicate your type of reading impairment by selecting from the list. After you have indicated the type of impairment, click TAB on the keyboard or Down Arrow in order to reach the upload file button for your type of impairment. When the file is uploaded you will reach the link that allows you to click the Down Arrow on the keyboard to take you to the Heading level 2 entitled “preferred content”. In this field you will be able to choose your preferred content.
  • Before you begin to select your preferred content you will reach the field to choose your preferred language. Here, after choosing the language for reading, you will be asked to select your preferred language. If you wish to update an additional language you can click TAB on the keyboard to reach the link, and a list will open as before. After this you can click TAB on the keyboard to continue, and choose your preferred content.
  • You can navigate to the preferred content field using the Down Arrow key, which take you to a reading of the text relating to types of content. After this, another click on the Down Arrow will take you to the button that will open a new window, where you will be asked to tick the types of content. We will demonstrate with a choice of genres. Remember that the process is similar for the other types of content in the Library.  As mentioned, a window will open offering a list where you can tick specific genres in the Library catalog. The first click on TAB will take you to the button to close the window without saving it. In order to continue to select your genre preference, continue to click TAB on the keyboard. Each time you reach a genre that you wish to add to your preferred genre list, click the space bar on the keyboard to indicate your choice, and so on. Finally the TAB will take you to the Save button. At this point the window will close.
  • Please note that if you wish to review the list of genres that you selected, you can do so using the Shift + TAB keys to scan the previous genres, whether or not you ticked them, and review your changes.
  • After you have clicked the Save Genres button, you will be returned to the form. At this stage the genres you chose will be presented, with a delete button beside them. You can navigate using the TAB key. The screen reader will reach the list of genres you selected and the buttons which you can click to delete them.  For example, if you chose autobiographies in the genre list, and confirmed your selection, a click on TAB will take the screen reader to the button: “delete autobiographies”. If you selected more than one genre, all the genre lists will be presented, and in order to progress in the form completion you will have to go over the genre lists again until you reach the button: “choose compilations from the press” where you will be asked to select your preferred compilations from the press in the same way that you selected your preferences for genres and format.
  • After you have confirmed that your choices have been registered, you will reach a text asking you to choose whether you wish to receive updates, by mail or email, about new titles and genres, in the compilations from the press and in your preferred formats.  You can make your choice in the selection box.
  • After you have completed your content preferences and format preferences you will reach a text asking you to choose a preferences for your list of orders. From the list you can choose whether to receive only books that you have requested, books that the Library chooses on your behalf, or a third possibility - if you did not make an order list, that the Library make a list for you.
  • After this you can click TAB on the keyboard to reach the field for additional notes, where you can type freely.
  • When you have finished typing your notes, click the TAB key and you will reach the last box to fill in before completing the registration form. This selection box allows you to choose whether to receive emails from the Library. Click the space bar on the keyboard to confirm that you wish to receive emails.
  • We have reached the end of the Library catalog registration process – click TAB on the keyboard to reach the ‘Save’ button. Click to save the registration form in the Library database. From here you can go on to surf the Library catalog.
Update personal details
  • You can reach the section to update your personal details from your personal section on any page of the Library website, provided you are connected to the system.
  • From any place in the website, you can click Heading level 4 to check that you are in login mode, and the system will say your name. From here you can skip between the links until you reach “update details” which is a Heading level 5. Click ENTER on the keyboard to take you to the Update Personal Details page, where the focus is already set to the main content and Heading level 1 – update details.
  • Click Heading level 2, entitled Personal Details, to reach the top of your registration form in the Library system. From here you can navigate using the same shortcuts keys that you used to complete the form. In the process of updating your personal details you will have to pass through all parts of the form and you can update the fields where you need to make changes as you reach them.
  • As you go through the registration form all the details that you entered at the time of registration will appear and be read by the screen reader you are using – so you will be able to know exactly what is already updated and what needs to be changed.
  • The only details that cannot be changed are your ID number and the email address. If you wish to change these please contact the Library by telephone or via the website.
Have you completed all the fields? Click the ‘Save’ button to complete the process of updating your details.