Navigating Headings and Landmarks

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Navigating Headings and Landmarks

Headings H

The use of different Heading levels is very common among users of screen reader software. We know that the Headings are very important to you, so we have used them widely on the Library website. We have ensured that the catalog Headings for different components are consistent, so that you can move from one to another. 
For example, in the NVDA software, moving between Headings is performed by clicking H + the relevant number on the keyboard. To move between different Headings on the same level, click the same number again. To go one Heading back, click H + Shift. To go back to a specific Heading level, click Shift + the keyboard number relating to the Heading level. 
For information about parallel shortcuts in other screen reader software, go to the page Shortcut Keys for Screen Reader Software used in Internet Browsing, and choose the link to the relevant software. A page of shortcut keys for that software will upload. For example, let’s take the most important area on the website – your personal page. When you are connected to the system, your User Name that appears at the top of the personal page is classified as Heading level 4. On your personal page you will find links to the catalog Home Page, to update personal details and more, which are classified as Headings level 5. For example, in the NVDA software you reach your User Name on your personal page by clicking H and then number 4 on the keyboard. 

 Heading levels on the website

 Heading level 1 – The main content on each page
Heading levels 2 and 3 – Headings that vary according to individual page content
Heading level 4

Your personal area – when you are connected to the system, Heading level 4 is your name. When you are not connected to the system: on the Library Home Page the Heading is “Catalog Entry”, and within the catalog the Heading is “Guest”.
Quick Streaming list – used for quick listening to the two previous items that you streamed, and allows direct access to your Streaming List page.

Heading level 5 –

Links within your personal area: to the catalog Home Page, to your personal Order Basket and to Update Details.
The name of the title in your quick streaming list. Clicking on it will open the title player.

Heading level 6 – links to information about the Library and its services, which appear at the bottom of the screen, also called Footer.


 Landmarks divide the page and its significant areas, and so help you find your way around the website more easily. In the NVDA software you can move between Landmarks by clicking D, to advance forward, or Shift + D to go back. For information about shortcuts for other screen reader software go to the Shortcut Keys page in the Guidance section and choose the relevant screen reader from the list. 
You will find Landmarks on the various catalog pages. The main Landmarks are:
Area to change font size and colors to suit the user, for the magnification and screen reader software.
Main Menu
Personal Area
Search Box for the website
Current position in website
Quick Access Toolbar
Important Information about the Library and recommended services
Website Map