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Welcome to the tutorial section

​Welcome to the CLFB website tutorials
The Central Library for Blind and Visually Impaired people aims to bring a rich user experience to all its website visitors, especially blind and visually impaired users. As part of this effort we have created online training to help you get started. On this page you will find various accessible tutorials for browsing the catalog, for efficient navigation of the website using the most popular shortcut keys, and particularly the FAQ page. Hotkeys relate to the reading programs JAWS, Cobra and NVDA, which are recommended for quick navigation.
We suggest you visit this page at regular intervals to check for new content.
Support for screen-reader users
Audio guides demonstrate use of the NVDA screen reader combined with the speech of Carmit and Ewa from the Nuance Vocalizer Expressive speech engines. The guides advise the simplest and most accessible way to browse the website and carry out different actions.
Training modules are also available in plain text that can be read with assistive technologies and with screen reader software.
Introducing the Catalog – short video presentations
*Please note – the training films were launched with the original version of the system, which is in constant development. There may be some variations in the current system.