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From text to textile

A workshop in costume and character design for cinema and television, adapted for blind and reading impaired people.

The aim of the workshop is to use costume design to add breadth and depth to characters, harnessing textiles to reinforce text. We will study the role of costume design as a visual tool to advance the thematic scheme of the cinema or television production, using examples of work processes from local and international film and television programs. We will learn how to translate a script to a visual image, we will practice designing characters for an Israeli film that has not yet been shot, building inspirational scenes, we will create sketches for the characters using Meyer and we will study the work processes of a costume designer.

The vision

To eliminate the restrictive perception that visually impaired people cannot create and design visual images. As the facilitator of a creative writing workshop at the Library I was thrilled to discover the fullness of the inner world of the participants, their rich descriptions, full of color and imagery. Their writing illustrated their ability to create visual images with extraordinary sensory sensitivity. In addition, some work with creative materials including ceramics, cooking, sewing and knitting. I approach this workshop with a belief in the uniqueness of interpretation and expression that is inherent especially in people who are lacking or losing their sense of sight.

During the workshop sensory memory will be engaged, we will use touch to estimate the three-dimensional aspect of a dressed figure and to choose fabric and accessories. If needed, we will use the script from accessible films that are available in the Library. The creative process will be accompanied by an illustrator who will translate the participants’ designs into sketches. At the end of the workshop we will present the works in illustration and 3D.

The workshop consists of 10 meetings, each lasting 3 hours, and is open to 10 participants.

About the instructor, Keren Eyal Melamed

Keren is a costume designer for film and television, and a writing workshop instructor. She graduated from the screenwriting program of the Sam Spiegel Film and Television School. She is a social worker, graduate of Tel Aviv University. She is a winner of the Elisha Harkabi award for screenwriting, winner of the 2013 Film and Television Academy Awards for Costume Design, for the Shtiessel series, and in 2015 for costume design for the film, Hatuna Mnayar, and in 2016 she was nominated for the Academy Award for Costume Design for the Ikaron Hahachlafa series.

We need your help!

To run the workshop we depend on designated donations! Would you like to sponsor the workshop and help us fund the activity? Contact us.

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