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Who says you need to see in order to write?

“Home Workshop” is the creative-writing workshop of author Eshkol Nevo and poet Orit Gidali, run in cooperation with the Central Library for Blind and Visually Impaired People.  The workshop is professional, unique and the first of its kind that is made accessible especially for Library subscribers.

In a supportive, stimulating environment that awakens inspiration and creativity, learn how to create unique, fascinating and profound characters with soul and exercise the art of creative writing. The workshop will provide you with the tools to write a fluent, touching story, while helping to find the most fitting writing voice for each individual. Eshkol Nevo will accompany the workshop, and will participate in one of the meetings.

We invite you to join a beginner or advanced prose-writing workshop. Learn, practice and grow in the sphere of creative writing!

We need your help!

We depend on designated donations in order to run the workshops.
Would you like to sponsor a workshop and help us fund this activity? Write to us.

How do you get accepted to join a workshop?

Send a one page text by email to and in addition tell us a little about yourself. Participants in each workshop will be selected at the discretion of the instructor. To go to the Workshop Q&A page, click here.

Please note! Workshop registration is currently closed.

We invite you to watch an item about the workshops that appeared on the program “Culture Club” on TV channel 1.

About the “Home Workshops”

Over the past 17 years, over 2,000 students have participated in the “Home Workshop”, and about 50 of those have published award-winning stories with major publishers (including the Sapir Prize for First Novel, the ACUM Prize and the Minister of Education’s Prize). Some of them even became best-sellers.  In addition to Eshkol Nevo and Orit Gidali, many other highly experienced writers teach in the workshops and give seminars on different aspects of writing.