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The Central Library for the Blind Privacy Policy

The Central Library for the Blind, Visually Impaired and Handicapped (RA)
Privacy Policy


1. The Central Library for the Blind, Visually Impaired and Handicapped (RA) (hereinafter: "The Library") wishes to maintain the privacy of anyone using the website which it operates      
using the address -  (hereinafter: "The Website") according to the privacy policy detailed below.

2. Use of the Website is according to the Library's defined privacy policy and indicates that the user has accepted its terms.

3. The privacy policy is worded in the masculine for convenience only and applies to both men and women.

4. The Library reserves the right to change this privacy policy from time to time, for any reason and with no advance notice.

5. During use of the Website and/or the Library's providing a service to the user, the Library will or may collect information about the user including, but not limited to: full name, home
address, email address, telephone numbers, reservation details, identity verification information, "username" details; as well as online information about the user including IP address, "cookies" files, browser and online activity.

6. The data collected, or which may be collected, about the user, is intended to enable the Library to provide the user with its services, including support and service for the user's registration to the website, various operations on the website and making payments, developing services offered and/or which may be offered by the Library to the user, whether by data analysis, surveys or other, as well as marketing publicity, verifying "username" identification details, and the like.

7. The Library does not supply to a third party any data collected, or which may be collected, about the user, excluding a third party concerning and/or connected to providing Library services to the user and/or transferring its rights to the Website to any third party and/or according to any law, whether in Israel or outside it. See Clause 2.7.2 of the Central Library for the Blind's Website use regulations.

8. The Library Website may include links to other websites operated and maintained by third parties according to the user and privacy policy defined by them; therefore, the Library does not assume any responsibility, without exception, for any link, information, use and/or other pertaining to them from the user's side.

9. Anyone registering for and using the Website hereby gives his consent for the Library to use his details for the purpose of sending marketing publicity. The user is entitled to notify the Library, at any time, of his withdrawal of this consent, by writing to this email address:

10. For any question and/or clarification needed by the user in the matter of the privacy policy, the Library can be contacted using this email: