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Dyslexia makes it difficult to read? there is a solution!

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Your celebration can be also be ours

Dear Friends

We are excited to tell you that we have joined GiftAway!

When you celebrate personal events (including virtual ones), you can ask your guests to make a donation in lieu of gifts to a cause you believe in.

Just think how many people wish you “Mazaltov, happiness, and good health” on your Facebook page on special occasions. We’re sure that if you invite them to join in your celebration on your social network, many of them will be pleased to respond positively – to celebrate with you while helping the community.

With your help we can broaden our activities and make more books, films, plays and other material accessible because everyone has the right to enjoy culture!

How is it done?
1.    Go to the site www.giftaway.org.il
2.    Create an event (birthday or any other).
3.    Choose the organization “The Central Library for Blind and Visually Impaired People”.
4.    Create an invitation on the website, invite friends, share and celebrate.
Would you like to learn more about the initiative?  Go to http://bit.ly/2dSvIP
So what are we waiting for? Please share with your friends – and may we meet on happy occasions!

Want to watch how a movie can be accessible for blind and visually impaired? Press play and Enjoy

From the movie "Hill start" Courtesy of United King Films - Moshe and Leon Edery

Donating to the Library? Please take note!

The Central Library for the Blind has been awarded the Seal of Effectiveness by the Midot organization. This seal testifies that the Library is committed to an organizational ethos that values planning and assessment and focuses on results and continual improvement, with the aim of serving its beneficiaries and bringing about a significant change in their lives

Our events calendar

הנגשה בתיאור קולי
The events calendar of June and July is on the air. Click here to the timetable.

Join us to celebrate accessible culture all over the country!

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