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Newsletter February 2015

Dear Reader

Last month saw the premier audio description screening of the film Mita Tova “The Farewell Party”(in Hebrew) in Cinema City, Glilot. Following the screening, actors Levana Finkelstein and Ilan Dar, together with Avi Shachron who narrates the audio description, held a discussion with the audience. The film received positive reviews from the blind and visually impaired audience and their families, and a further screening will take place February 4, at 19:00 in Cinema City, Jerusalem. To order tickets please call 1700-702-255 or go to the Cinema City website. Additionally, a screening of the film Zinuk B’Aliya was held in Be’er Sheva in the presence of the Mayor, where it was very well received.
As promised, we wish to tell you about new catalog programs to be launched...

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Want to see how to make audio description for the blind and visually impaired? Watch and enjoy

From "Hill Start" (Zinuk BaAlia) courtesy of the United King Films - Moshe and Leon Edery

New Titles

Contrasts : practice book :Intermediate level - proficiency level, by Carmel Rita
Contrasts : practice book :Intermediate level - proficiency level, by Carmel Rita

ntermediate level: st.3- proficiency level: st.1

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Reader reviews

To Listen is an Art
To Listen is an Art

Hello everyone. This is a moving and enthralling book about the lives of a boy who became blind at the age of eight, and a disabled girl of the same age, how together they learn how to live with their disabilities, and the pure love that develops between them through heartbeats. I will leave you...

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Weekly recommendations

It’s the same love (Zo Ota Ha’ahava)
It’s the same love (Zo Ota Ha’ahava)

The aroma of donuts, the variety of shows all around us, the candle-lighting, tell us that that it is holiday time again: Hanukkah, The Festival of Lights. Hanukkah celebrates the rededication of the Temple and the miracle of the oil lamp that lasted for 8 days, and the days are traditionally termed ‘days of thanksgiving’ to thank God for the miracle bestowed on the people of Israel. One name for Hanukkah is ‘Festival of Lights’, and it is in this context that we remember a brilliant light that was extinguished this festival, that of the singer-songwriter artist, Arik Einstein...

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The Central Library for the Blind has been awarded the Seal of Effectiveness by the Midot organization. This seal testifies that the Library is committed to an organizational ethos that values planning and assessment and focuses on results and continual improvement, with the aim of serving its beneficiaries and bringing about a significant change in their lives.

חותמת מטעם ארגון מידות המעיד על ניהול אפקטיבי של הספריה המרכזית לעוורים